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An innovative marketing approach based on the olfactory memory of our brain.

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Give a sensorial and emotional dimension to your public our private areas.

Fragrances and scent marketing

Create your own olfactory logo and build an incredible link with your customers.

Fragrance diffuser

Compact stand-alone units or central scenting units, solutions for any cases.

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  • Anosmia, a little-known disorder

    Anosmia is the partial or total loss of the sense of smell, an invisible sensory handicap that often creates a feeling of exclusion. Anosmia generally results from damage to the olfactory nerve. It can be…

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  • Olfactory marketing – when a perfume transports you back…

    A simple fragrance can instantly trigger a flood of memories of past travels. But how does olfactory marketing have such a hold over our senses? Emotions create experiences and olfactory marketing can rekindle the emotions…

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  • Brands and sensory marketing

    Sensory marketing engages our senses to influence our buying behaviour in stores. Top brands who use this type of marketing sometimes associate their name with a specific fragrance to draw in and make a connection…

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  • Sensory marketing by Natarom

    Over the last few years sensory marketing has become much more accessible. Why have perfumes become so popular and inseparable from a brand's image? Sensory marketing covers all marketing techniques that aim to appeal to…

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Natarom scent marketing solutions deliver an emotional and sensorial dimension to any public our private area. Make the air you breathe the most beautiful well-being and differentiation tool