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An innovative marketing approach based on the olfactory memory of our brain.

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Give a sensorial and emotional dimension to your public our private areas.

Fragrances and scent marketing

Create your own olfactory logo and build an incredible link with your customers.

Fragrance diffuser

Compact stand-alone units or central scenting units, solutions for any cases.

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News Natarom
  • Autumn fragrances inspired by an Indian summer

    As we leave behind the summer heat and enter the mild climate of an Indian summer, autumn fragrances conjure up misty mornings, damp leaves and cool breeze… In the forests and undergrowth, the scents of…

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  • Open day at Natarom, scent marketing expert

    On September 16, 2016, Natarom scent marketing expert opened up its new premises to all its clients, suppliers and partners. The Natarom team moved at the end of 2015, and was delighted to welcome guests…

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  • The scents of summer

    The irresistible scents of summer bring to mind many a sweet memory. Our sensory memory certainly has some wonderful surprises in store for us… The palette of summer fragrances is incredibly vast – a freshly…

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  • How to use essential oils to manage stress at work ?

    If you have problems at work - either occasional or chronic issues - Natarom can give you tips on how to use essential oils to ease tension. Essential oils are volatile, fragrant essences obtained by…

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Natarom scent marketing solutions deliver an emotional and sensorial dimension to any public our private area. Make the air you breathe the most beautiful well-being and differentiation tool