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News Natarom
  • Summer aromas inspire scent marketing

    Scent marketing can include subtle floral fragrances such as lavender, orange blossom and philadelphus... instantly evocative of summer. Experts in scent marketing frequently look to summer fragrances to conjure up pleasant memories and create a…

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  • Virtual reality and scent marketing

    New technology brings fresh opportunities to scent marketing! On 16 September 2016, during its open days at its new premises in Bondoufle, Natarom inaugurated its ‘sensory theatre’. The event was a chance to take our…

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  • The scent marketing experience at an Optic 2000 optician

    One of our clients, Jérôme BENAIM, describes their experience of scent marketing in their two optician shops. A positive experience!   For how long have you been using NATAROM diffusers? I bought my first Natarom diffuser several…

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  • Scent marketing used in museums for an effective visitor experience

    Although scent marketing is more well known for its use in shopping centres to enhance product sales, it can also create added interest and interactivity in museums… “Olfactory visits” in museums are becoming more and…

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Natarom scent marketing solutions deliver an emotional and sensorial dimension to any public our private area. Make the air you breathe the most beautiful well-being and differentiation tool