60 years of the ANRH

Last week we were invited to the 60 years anniversary of the ANRH (Association for the professional and human insertion and reinsertion of handicapped persons). Learn more about the association, and about a collaboration endowed with “senses” in this article.

[cml_media_alt id='1874']ANR [/cml_media_alt]Human at the heart of the ANRH

The ANRH has for mission to facilitate the professional insertion of handicapped persons by adapted and innovative trainings, and by the creation of worthwhile jobs.

This association created in 1954 has developed its market, and is established everywhere in France. Indeed, it has a national network of 23 facilities across the country, with a staff of 1 500 people, among which 80% of handicapped workers.

To celebrate this success which continues for 60 years, the ANRH invited its members to visit one of its establishments, specialized in the assembly and the packaging of small electrical devices. In particular for brands such as Nespresso, Moulinex, Nestlé, Seb, etc. 

This visit allowed us to notice the know-how of the employees, as well as their flexibility. But especially their successful professional integration, and their self-fulfillment in this structure.

These reports ensue from the missions that the ANRH has given them, and that Natarom made a commitment to respect …


The marketing of senses, and the sense of moral values

Natarom, the scent marketing pioneer, works with the ANRH for many years. A successful and effective collaboration, owed in particular to the common values of our two companies, which are: 

-          Solidarity and the citizenship

-          Equity

-          Nondiscrimination

-          Responsibility

-          Autonomy and emancipation

Indeed, the ANRH makes it a point of honor to respect the person’s dignity. A principle that Natarom watches every day to honor for more than 10 years.

Because at Natarom we do much more than communicate by senses, we share the sense of moral values…!

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