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Through many travels in the Middle East and in Asia, the historian Catherine Donzel made of the perfumes’ universe a passion that she passes through a book. Some of our articles such as “A perfume story” or “7 olfactive families” are inspired of this book rich in fragrance. Discover its summary: 

9782842772802FS     The perfume through the history

The first part of this book is dedicated to the power of smells, the senses which they stimulate and the various curiosities that the perfume kindled during the history.

Indeed, we discover its role in different time of history, such as the using of oils and balms by the Egyptians, or the particular interests of Alexandre Le Grand for different fragrances. We also learn what was the use of perfumes during the XVth century, during the Renaissance, and in the Age of the Enlightenment.

Finally, this part ends on a note listing the multiple modern perfume’s pioneers with among others the London perfume brand "Floris", perfumer of the queen Elizabeth II. But also the legendary Pierre-François Guerlain with his first perfumed creation named "Jicky" in 1889, or the famous dressmaker Gabrielle Chanel who marketed her perfume N°5 in 1921.


The perfumes creation

In a second time, Catherine Donzel talks about the “perfume art”, which she compares to a musical art orchestrated by the "nose, real composer of smell."

During this chapter it is mentioned the collect, the fragrances capture, and the perfumes creation, through the flowers essences such as the rose, the jasmine, the iris, the mimosa, etc. But also vegetable scents with the myrrh, the wood, the vetiver, the vanilla, or the pepper. All these perfumes are combined in 7 olfactive families, listed in this work.

We also discover the importance of the flask as well as the perfume’s name which will attract first the consumer…

The author ended to mention the perfume consecration which is “from now the symbols and the messages era. The fragrances carry humanist, pacifist or ecologist concepts." 

To finish, the last part talks about scents that we diffuse at home, which revive with the old traditions, and whose Catherine Donzel shares with us some fragrant recipes…


Find out the book “Le Parfum” of Catherine Donzel in the edition “du Chêne”.

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