Anosmia, a little-known disorder

Anosmia is the partial or total loss of the sense of smell, an invisible sensory handicap that often creates a feeling of exclusion.


Anosmia generally results from damage to the olfactory nerve. It can be congenital or functional (after an illness or accident). In the latter case, it can be temporary, but is sometimes irreversible. If there is also a partial or total loss of taste, it is called ageusia.

At Natarom where we use the sense of smell to communicate feelings and emotions, we have chosen to speak openly of this unseen “handicap” that can cause terrible psychological and physical suffering about which little is known.

Talking about anosmia will allow people to better understand and be of more help to their friends and relations. Anosmia can happen to anyone at any time, to adults and children alike.

A few examples of the daily problems of people suffering from anosmia:

A mother who can’t smell her baby

A meal that you eat but don’t enjoy because there are no delicious smells

The smell of freshly cut grass or a flower garden that people just can’t enjoy

The danger from a gas or petrol leak or a fire that you can’t smell

It’s difficult to speak about, as people who don’t suffer from it can’t really understand it

They get a different perception of the world and risk withdrawing into themselves.

Did you know? Anosmia concerns some 3-5% of the population.
Find out more or tell us about your experience.

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