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Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte rings in Christmas with Natarom

Our room fragrances are the perfect tie-in with the Christmas decorations at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte this season. Natarom and the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte have enjoyed a successful partnership for several years and this year is no different. Our scent diffusers and carefully and discreetly hidden in the décor to delight the senses of visitors.…
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Natarom joins Cosmetic Valley

Scent marketing gets the credit it deserves! Natarom is now a member of the prestigious Cosmetic Valley network. Natarom has joined Cosmetic Valley, the world’s largest network of manufacturers specialising in cosmetics and perfumes. Designated a business cluster by the French government in 2005, the resource centre focuses its activity in two key areas: >…
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Scent marketing – now also used in sports halls !

Scent marketing experts Natarom have just signed a new contract with GymPlace, a sports facility in Torcy near Paris. Scent marketing is the use of fragrances to improve the experiences of people in shops, medical establishments and leisure or even sports venues. And those are just a few examples because the possible applications of scent…
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What is sillage in perfumery and why does it matter?

Technology has been developed to measure the sillage—pronounced see-yazh, a French word that means the ‘trail’ of a perfume, in other words the degree to which a scent diffuses around the wearer. The sillage of a perfume in our everyday life is the olfactory impression that hangs in the air after a scent wearer has…
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Natarom brings sense marketing and fragrance expertise to the château

Drawing on its solid experience and reputation in the sense marketing sector, Natarom provides services to châteaux, popular tourist sites where new experiences can make a big difference. Creating an association between a fragrance and a specific place or room of a château is to offer the visitor an original and often unheard-of experience. Today,…
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Summer fragrances, the darlings of scent marketing

Scent marketing experts have a keen nose for the warm perfumes of summer, sources of fond memories and happy emotions… To scent marketing specialists, summer is a bouquet of myriad fragrances. It’s a season that conjures up images of long, leisurely walks in the great outdoors and precious moments instantly associated with a host of…
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Save a seat for scent marketing at the World Cup!

Test out how scent marketing can transform a football night into an unforgettable event. The football world cup finals is a huge event that will soon be attracting millions of people, keenly following the matches and the results. If you are a football club, an association, a sports shop or a company, you will doubtless…
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Memory and fragrance, the how and the why

While we all experience fragrance in our own way, why does the same smell provoke different emotions within each of us? Unlike sight, smell is a sensitive, personal and very intimate sense. The colour of a flower may be relatively easy to describe but putting its fragrance into words is a much more complex matter.…
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