Autumn fragrances inspired by an Indian summer

As we leave behind the summer heat and enter the mild climate of an Indian summer, autumn fragrances conjure up misty mornings, damp leaves and cool breeze…


In the forests and undergrowth, the scents of humus, fungi and dew awaken our senses. These autumnal fragrances mingle with the blazing colours that come with an Indian summer.

There is something of spring in autumn, and the last scents of the year sometimes feel like its first emanations.
Alexandre Dumas (Pauline - 1838)

After the summer blooms, autumn flowers may be less conspicuous but their perfume still hangs in the air, even more redolently on occasion. Dahlias, which flower until the first frosts, are some of the most beautiful flowers in October, their unmistakable scent reminiscent of your grandmother’s garden.
The small fragrant flowers of the meadow saffron resemble crocuses and carpet lawns with their magnificent colour. As beautiful in autumn as in summer, roses still fill our gardens with fragrance and their rich bouquet is a delight to enjoy until the arrival of frost.

In our homes, it’s always such a pleasure to breathe in the fragrance of the first log fire, roasted chestnuts, delicious soups and hot chocolate. It’s also the time to gather quince and walnuts which provide the long-awaited ingredients to make cakes and jams!

Did you know? The Indian summer is that mild and sunny period after the first autumn frost and just before winter (October to early November). While the term ‘Indian summer’ is used in North America, in France this period is better known as a Saint Martin’s summer.

Home fragrances are inspired by the scents of autumn and Natarom, the specialists in scent marketing, has a catalogue of various scents, some with woody notes, for its fragrance refills for scent diffusers.

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