Diffuser refills for professional fragrance diffusers


Natarom diffuser refills are the result of very detailed studies

All our fragrances refills are packaged in cartridges that are specifically designed for our fragrance diffusers. They have very high performance with the following specific characteristics:

  • They are equipped with a spray nozzle
  • There is no contact with the product itself
  • Made for a single-use, they are build in a recyclable material

Very easy to be installed, our cartridges don’t require any care and enable fragrance changing whenever you want.

Natarom cartridges with fragrance refills

  • Catalogue based : we offer a large diversity of aromas from tasty to floral notes, or woody or exotic scents
  • Custom made : following a preliminary study to take into account your expectations and constraints we will create your unique fragrance to support your identity


The strength of Natarom : All our scents are made by qualified perfumers in accordance with the IFRA standard

Natarom cartridges with essential oils refills

Fragrant and volatile substance, essential oils can be found in flowers, leaves, fruits, barks, seeds or roots… They are known for many years for their perfumes or their beneficial properties. They are often used to deodorize and disinfect a room.

Natarom cartridges with essential oils refills are mainly designed for comfort and well-being.

The strength of Natarom : All our products are made from 100% natural essential oils