Fragrance diffuser, Natarom quality charter


Natarom fragrance diffuser technology: a recognized expertise since the early 80s

Through its mastery of well-proven technology and the creation of innovative and environmentally friendly products, Natarom delivers solutions that fully meet the scent marketing requirements.

The fragrance diffuser releases very fine perfume particles, controlled by a programmer, making it possible to adjust the intensity to the perception of the olfactory ambience. Several criteria are taken into account like the volume of the area, the frequentation levels or the constraints related to the air displacement.

Free of any chemical gases or heat sources, Natarom scent diffusers transform liquid products into dry micro-particles. All the qualities and properties of the perfume or essential oils are preserved

Manufacturing quality and  quality of services

All the products delivered by Natarom (diffusers and refills) are subject to strict controls and comply with the regulations, rules and professional codes in force.

  • All our refills are recyclable
  • Every piece is manufactured in France and is subject to a strict set of quality control steps
  • All members of the reseller network are trained to ensure an equal quality of service to any customer

The strength of Natarom: Innovative and maintenance free refill cartridges that avoid any product handling. They are equipped with a specific spray nozzle that prevents any cross pollution from one fragrance to the next when replacing the cartridge.