Fragrances and experiential marketing, create your olfactory logo

You want to build a strong link with your customers ? Follow our experts in experiential marketing and create your olfactory identity.

Fragrance and experiential marketing

A perfume or a pleasant olfactory atmosphere naturally stimulates the sense of smell of your customers. This may invite him to stay longer... For some products, the fragrance is a key purchasing factor. This is already the case for cosmetics and many other consumer goods.

In full expansion, experiential marketing seeks to create a long lasting relationship between the brand and the customer through a sensory experience that reveals the memories of everyone. Scent marketing specifically uses the scent to trigger emotions and develop a sense of well-being.

Together, develop your olfactory logo!

Beyond simply diffusing fragrances, you can associate a unique scent to your image and your store and thus create your own olfactory logo!

Our teams are here to listen to you and to find the most suitable solution to meet your demand. The customized study delivered by Natarom is the first mandatory step for any custom development.