How to use essential oils to manage stress at work ?

If you have problems at work - either occasional or chronic issues - Natarom can give you tips on how to use essential oils to ease tension.

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Essential oils are volatile, fragrant essences obtained by distilling aromatic plants. They are a concentrated liquid form that can be used internally, externally or in the air. When diffused in the air, the aromatic molecules are captured by the nasal cavities and decoded by the olfactory neuroreceptors, with beneficial effects on the body.

Essential oils at your workplace boost your concentration and calm the stress that builds up throughout the day. You can easily use them with mini diffusers or wooden sticks to place nearby. However, we recommend you seek advice from your pharmacist and select with him or her the essential oils that will suit you best.

A few tips to ensure a calm and stress-free day’s work:

  • - Refresh your office with a few drops of essential oil of lemon or peppermint in a glass. Place the glass on your desk and enjoy a pleasant purifying scent all day long.
  • - Boost your concentration by using an essential oil recommended by your pharmacist and by making time for a few moments of deep breathing.
  • - Calm your stress and take time to meditate thanks to a space that has been pleasantly perfumed with an essential oil of your choice. Take at least one break per day in which you shut your eyes and let your mind wander.


Did you know?  As early as 4000 BC, the Egyptians were already using numerous essential oils.

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