Natarom brings sense marketing and fragrance expertise to the château

Drawing on its solid experience and reputation in the sense marketing sector, Natarom provides services to châteaux, popular tourist sites where new experiences can make a big difference.

sense marketing

Creating an association between a fragrance and a specific place or room of a château is to offer the visitor an original and often unheard-of experience. Today, an increasing number of tourist sites are turning to the services of scent marketing experts to attract and amuse their visitors. The olfactory experience not only transcends the visit, it makes a more lasting impression of the few hours spent exploring the château.

This was precisely the objective the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a stunning baroque château located southeast of Paris, had in mind. A partner of Natarom for several years, it designs and installs decorative elements both visual and scent-based. Natarom’s scent diffusers are carefully and discreetly placed around the rooms of the château to create a scent trail that creates a delightful extra dimension for visitors to the site. Growing in number each year, visitors love to come at Christmas and Easter time to discover the wonderful decorations enhanced with subtle fragrances.

And trying to identify the perfume in each room you visit makes a fun guessing game for the whole family to enjoy!  Find out more.

Are you in charge of a château or museum? Why not think about offering your visitors an olfactory experience at the upcoming heritage days on 15 and 16 September 2018? Contact us!

Natarom, the pioneers in scent marketing in France, designs and manufactures scent diffusers for professionals.

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