Natarom Diffusion, designers of fragrance atmosphere in Paris

A professional team of experts in fragrance atmosphere is here to advise you and work with you to improve and lighten the atmosphere in all your spaces.

fragrance atmosphere

Creating a fragrance ambiance is truly a marketing project. In the Paris region, Natarom Diffusion’s tailor-made services are naturally part of the projects that aim to design a fragrance in harmony with a brand concept or image.

Natarom Diffusion listens to its clients and takes charge of every step, from development to installation. Collaboration with different partners and the use of the NATAROM Concept ® technology in fragrance diffusers are your guarantees for perfectly adapted technical solutions.

The range of Natarom Diffusion services can match all types of fragrance environment projects.

Creating long- or short-term scent ambiances for all types of spaces

Creating a scent identity (olfactory logo)

Crafting scented atmosphere candles

Creating scented goodies

Creating sales point fragrances

Organising sensory events

Co-developing one-of-a-kind solutions

And more

Whatever your needs may be, the Natarom Diffusion experts offer original scent solutions and highly professional assistance to help you shape your customers’ emotional experience.

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