Natarom experiential marketing, a customized service


Take advantage of our expertise in experiential marketing and give your visitors a special welcome.

The comfort and well-being of your visitors and customers can be greatly improved by diffusing a pleasant fragrance for all. In a place where the aroma is in harmony with the scenery, we feel good, we stay longer and more importantly we want to return! Build a positive image in the memory of your customers ...

Natarom services, experiential marketing

Selecting the fragrance that suits your space and your visitors requires a careful preliminary study. Our assistance in this process helps you to provide the best possible answer to the needs of your customers.

Custom research and consultancy
Support to identify the most suitable fragrances, advice to select the right diffuser and fine tune the scent frequency based on your premises, active contribution to the company’s marketing plan.

Very large project management
Case by case technical studies are performed to ensure that the solution will precisely meet the needs and constraints of the area concerned.

Creation of bespoke fragrances (olfactory logo)
We select our fragrances with care and we create for you an olfactory identity supporting your brand and image.

Installing fragrance diffusers
Our teams can perform the installation. To optimize the performance we can help you to fine tune the set-up.

After-Sales Service
We ensure the proper functioning of your fragrance diffusers. Contact us in case of need.

Supply of refills
We offer a wide variety of fragrances and our essential oils are 100% natural.
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Visual and audio marketing
Upon request, we can put you in contact with experienced partners who will assist you in your projects.