Natarom, Scent marketing


Scent marketing is based on the olfactory experience of any one. It brings back memories and creates an imperceptible connexion with the visitors or customers.

Our job is to improve the olfactory environment of your business or hospitality area by diffusing a smooth fragrance also called ambiance scent. Supported by our Research and Development division, we deliver consultancy services and high quality solutions to meet your requirements.

The know-how and values of Natarom, scent marketing

We were the first to design, manufacture and market scent diffusers for professionals. They use these solutions to promote their products and brands through sensorial communication.

Why Natarom ?

Long lasting customers appreciate our holistic approach and broad range of skills.

  • Global products and solutions management from design to manufacturing in France
  • Proven track record and continuity in the field of scent marketing
  • Full range of materials and products
  • Custom advice in driving any marketing and development project
  • Industrial process with short lead time and optimized costs
  • Efficient after sales services
  • Innovative Research and Development
  • Exclusive partnerships

The history of Natarom, scent marketing

After more than 50 years of experience in the field of membrane pump, Natarom launched its first diffusers of essential oils in 1993. Since then, the Natarom concept is continuously evolving to meet the demand of the market with a full range of support:

  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution (domestic and international reseller network)

The strength of Natarom: domestic and international resellers are in direct contact with the customers and are continuously supported by Natarom (projects and technical support).