Olfactory marketing origins and applications

Olfactory marketing is playing with fragrances to awaken our memories and emotions

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Have you ever noticed or rather smelt a particular fragrance in a store, the lobby of a shopping centre, an office or a parking lot? This is what is called an olfactory sensorial experience.

There are many olfactory marketing applications

Olfactory marketing uses fragrances for wellness by pleasantly arousing customer or visitor. He, she is unconsciously encouraged to stay longer. The sensations and the feeling of wellbeing are certainly favourable to increase sales …

The Fragrance leaves the visitor with a positive and long lasting impression : he, she wants to return. This is why olfactory marketing is very effective to increase customer loyalty.

What is an olfactory signature?

The olfactory signature is the fragrance a store, a lobby or any other place decides to diffuse to its visitors and customers. As a logo, a slogan or a poster, it must perfectly match the image of the brand or company it supports. It is made to stay in the memory of those who smell it ...

This olfactory identity can be extended to derived products having the same scent, like candles, scented brochures or business cards.

Olfactory marketers are experts in helping brands, businesses, or even public communities in their approach to attract visitors. Professional scent diffusers become an integral part of innovative marketing plans.

Find out here Zephyr the scent diffuser for spaces up to 200 m2, with a programmable intensity variator, a small footprint and a simple electrical connexion to 230V.

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