Olfactory marketing – when a perfume transports you back…

A simple fragrance can instantly trigger a flood of memories of past travels. But how does olfactory marketing have such a hold over our senses?

Olfactory marketing

Emotions create experiences and olfactory marketing can rekindle the emotions felt in a city, region or country you have visited. Just like a brand, locations all have their own and unforgettable olfactory identity.

What other city than Paris symbolises perfume to the rest of the world? Our fair capital is loved by tourists and French citizens alike and we all have memories of an emotion conjured up by a significant moment and a related fragrance. The perfume found at a store on the Champs Elysées, the sweet smells at a public garden, the unmistakable odour of the Seine, the aromas of a meal enjoyed on a sunny terrace…
And why not complement your visit by heading to the brand new Grand Musée du Parfum, the museum dedicated to the world of perfumery, in Paris at 73 rue du Faubourg St Honoré!

Heading south, let the olfactory memories of pines, mimosa and lavender come flooding back. Relive your summer by inhaling the scent of a fragrant glass of rosé or a simple pastis.... Or what about nougat, so rich in flavour and the smell of honey. You can almost hear the cicadas singing...

In Brittany, our seaside souvenirs are inseparable from the scents of seaweed, shells and sand. Just a whiff of salted butter caramel and you’re immediately whisked back to your childhood.

Even further afield in countries all over the world, fragrances and perfumes are omnipresent and leave a lasting impression on our memories. Each country, each culture possesses its own olfactory characteristics. These act on our emotions and can generate pleasure, surprise, excitement and even disgust on some occasions!

A scent is like a big label attached to a memory or an emotion...
It is often much more noticeable than images or sounds.

The specialists in olfactory marketing, Natarom offers olfactory solutions and practical applications for your retail or reception areas.

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