Open day at Natarom, scent marketing expert

On September 16, 2016, Natarom scent marketing expert opened up its new premises to all its clients, suppliers and partners.

scent marketing

The Natarom team moved at the end of 2015, and was delighted to welcome guests from the Paris region, the provinces and even from abroad to the new site at 6 rue Bernard Palissy, Bondoufle, very close to Evry south of Paris.

  • We were proud to welcome Mr Andrew O’Keefe from our Australian partner company, Scent Autralia, on his first trip to Europe.
  • Coming from Luxembourg, especially for the occasion, NFD's Mr Cyrille Gerhardt delighted us by coming and saying hello.

Visitors toured our spacious and comfortable new premises; a laboratory, a test room and a showroom where they were able to experience a completely new, 360° video. This is truly immersive theatre in which emotions are stimulated by endless images and perfumes.

scent marketing

Natarom's distribution network has been growing throughout France and abroad for many years. It brings scent marketing into our daily lives through its presence in shopping centres, stores, reception areas, offices, sports halls and retirement homes for example. Scent marketing makes use of the powerful effect smells have on our emotions and our memory.

Natarom's story: Natarom was founded in 1993 and began producing perfumes and diffusers aimed at creating an olfactory ambiance. The brand soon became a reference in this field, always in search of new innovations.

Philippe Lavialle and his staff ensure all Natarom's clients enjoy a unique olfactory experience: "Relaxed consumers and clients happy to share their company's values - that's our mission"

Did you know? Natarom also also supplies refills for its fragrance diffusers. Easy to install, they come in a great variety of perfumes and scents to suit every taste. Download Natarom's perfume refill catalogue here.

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