Save a seat for scent marketing at the World Cup!

Test out how scent marketing can transform a football night into an unforgettable event.

scent marketing

The football world cup finals is a huge event that will soon be attracting millions of people, keenly following the matches and the results.

If you are a football club, an association, a sports shop or a company, you will doubtless be treating members, clients and VIPs by inviting them to watch a match together, either on site or at a venue organised especially for the occasion.


Experts in the field, Natarom has already carried out the "odorisation" of VIP boxes in stadia. Scent marketing is a concept through which, for example, you can diffuse a scent of freshly cut grass in your reception areas. Guests and visitors can settle into an atmosphere that is not only comfortable but also arouses the right emotions…
Don't hesitate any longer; scent marketing is very fashionable at the moment and makes all the difference!

Did you know? A fragrance can stimulate our memory at any time. This olfactory memory is the one that enables you to immediately associate a fragrance with a long-lost memory such as our precious, childhood memories.

Natarom has been working in this sector for almost 30 years and develops a great variety of scents and bespoke fragrances. Our equipment is simple and quick to set up and you are in full control of recharges for the consumables. Natarom's experts are here for professionals, ready to offer original scent solutions for the work environment and the home.

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