Scent marketing, a key element for a powerful sensorial communication


Building on the olfactory experience that combines memories and emotions, scent marketing fits to all business sectors.

Have you ever noticed or smelt a particular fragrance in a reception area, a store, a shopping mall, an office or just a parking lot? It's nice, welcoming and you generally keep a good memory ... This is what is called an olfactory experience.

Scent marketing is the final step to any marketing approach

Scent marketing uses the olfactory memory of our brain. Our behaviors depend partially on our reaction to the smell or scent that surround us. In a store, an ambient scent will subtly attract the attention of the customers and leave a positive and long lasting mark in their memory.

Scent marketing for small or medium spaces

Fragrances are diffused to welcome the visitor and nicely get his or her interest. He or she will be unconsciously encouraged by the environment to stay longer. This olfactive ambience becomes a powerful lever to increase sales and customer loyalty. Stores, offices, private and public reception areas, sports centers, theatres, medical areas, car parks are the sectors that are the most impacted but there are many others. All use scent marketing to create positive emotions among their customers.

Scent marketing for large commercial areas

The volumes are larger and there are often several levels. In this case, a preliminary study is mandatory to identify the best solution.
The scent diffusers designed for high volumes are connected to the ventilation ducts. Maintenance is simple and the refill cartridges can be easily replaced.

Scent intensity: Fine-tuning based on the size and space of the store is critical. Too light it will have no impact while too strong it might be less pleasant.

Scent frequency: It is programmed for the week (microprocessor) based on the opening hours and the expected frequentation of the store.

Did you know? Intimately linked to memory and emotions, our sense of smell can identify thousands of different fragrances. "Who mastered the smells, mastered the hearts..." Patrick Süskind (the perfume)