Scent marketing: an essential strategy for modern business

Scent marketing works in perfect harmony with your image and your corporate values, offering your visitors comfort, well-being, emotion and escapism.

Scent marketing

If you are wondering how you can make your clients more welcome, how you can encourage them to linger in your store or reception area and how you can offer them better service, then think scent marketing!

Retail outlets and all other spaces open to the public are having a rethink regarding digital technologies and new modes of communication. These days client expectations create different needs which must imperatively be satisfied. Scent marketing and sensory marketing were both born out of a desire to respond to a demand for quality and better service that grows stronger every day. In shops the consumer is now looking for real experiences and emotions. In real terms, diffusing fragrances in public spaces contributes to the harmony that clients expect when it comes to their welcome and well-being.

Natarom has been in this business for nearly 30 years and has developed services, tools and products which meet the needs of managers of public areas. Our products are quick and easy to install, consumables are easily replaced (refills) and they are built to last.

Scent marketing is on-trend; make the most of it by seeking advice from the professionals and the pioneers in olfactory marketing!

Whatever your needs, Natarom specialists in scent marketing have original olfactory solutions suited to sales and reception areas.

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