Scent marketing for your store

Bring a real sense of wellbeing in your store and discover multiple benefits of scent marketing

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Even if we are not always aware, our sense of smell has an influence on our behaviour, our emotions and sometimes, deep hidden memories reappear. Scent marketing is the final step to a global and coherent marketing approach. It relies on stimulating positive feelings subtly awakening memories and building connexions between the space and its visitors. In a shop, it allows to capture immediate attention and customers will stay longer.

With a successful olfactory identity, a brand can create an imperceptible connexion with its customers and provide them with an unforgettable feeling of wellbeing...

The benefits of scent marketing

It is still an on-going trend in innovation but a true differentiator towards competitors who limit themselves to traditional marketing solutions. The fragrances are endless and can be made to meet precisely the identity of the brand.

  • Bring a real sense of wellbeing to your clients and thus minimize some negative constraints like waiting queues or noise
  • Optimize your sales with an olfactory message creating a positive mind set that will ease decision making and actual purchasing
  • Build customer loyalty through their olfactory memory and the positive memory of their visit in your store
  • Develop your image and your reputation with a subtle fragrance, distinctive and appreciated by all.




A good example of scent marketing at Mellow Yellow, the famous footwear and accessories brand

Mellow Yellow has developed since 2013 a new concept store with a cosy atmosphere to give to the customers the feeling to be at home. To enforce that feeling, the brand has decided to perfume its Parisian outlets creating a real olfactory identity. This colourful and creative brand has chosen raspberry, a gourmet and sparkling fragrance that seem to appeal to everybody, including children!

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