Scent marketing – now also used in sports halls !

Scent marketing experts Natarom have just signed a new contract with GymPlace, a sports facility in Torcy near Paris.

Scent marketing

Scent marketing is the use of fragrances to improve the experiences of people in shops, medical establishments and leisure or even sports venues. And those are just a few examples because the possible applications of scent marketing are endless. They do, however, have one thing in common:  To encourage visitors/clients to stay longer and, of course, to want to come back.

In the case of sports halls, Natarom's scent solutions are a wonderful way to counter the unpleasantness of body odour. The fragrances diffused in the various zones naturally re-establish a comfortable and relaxing environment.
GymPlace is a fitness club near Paris that understands the full potential and has just signed a contract with Natarom. From now on, their clients will be able to enjoy their sporting activity in a more agreeable environment, more favourable to well-being.

Mood fragrance diffusers are now an integral part of innovative marketing strategies and Natarom, specialists in scent marketing, are your perfect partner when it comes to finding olfactory solutions suited to your reception or sales areas.

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