Scent marketing, the benefits of an olfactory signature


The olfactory signature is like the logo of your scent marketing. It creates a unique atmosphere, reminds in the memory of your visitors and invites them to come back.

The creation of custom-made fragrances has become an established practice. However to be efficient the fragrance has to be carefully selected to match to the image of the company, its products or the brand it represents. As an expert in scent marketing, we are part of innovative marketing projects and assist companies, businesses or brands to succeed in their sensorial communication.

Olfactory signature, a real asset

In constant evolution, this concept is truly a differentiator vis-à-vis competitors who sometimes remain rooted in traditional marketing models. The fragrances are endless, you have the choice!

Bring a real sense of well-being among your customers and reduce local constraints (waiting queues, noise pollution...).

Eg. Diffusing a nice scent in a store or at an event

Optimize your sales through an olfactory messages creating a positive mood and facilitating purchasing decision

Eg. Creating an original fragrance for a packaging or to enhance the natural scent of a product

Build customer loyalty through their olfactory memory and the pleasant memories of their visit in your premises.

Eg. In a car-park, diffusing a fragrance generating a feeling of cleanness and freshness.

Develop your image and your reputation with a subtle fragrance, unique and appreciated by all.

Ex. Creating a unique identity (olfactory logo) for your brand or one of your products.

Did you know ? Your olfactory identity can be extended to derived products having the same scent (candles, shower gel …)