Summer aromas inspire scent marketing

Scent marketing can include subtle floral fragrances such as lavender, orange blossom and philadelphus... instantly evocative of summer.

scent marketing

Experts in scent marketing frequently look to summer fragrances to conjure up pleasant memories and create a comforting environment where people feel good in places such as shopping centres, reception areas or even open spaces.
Summer is readily associated with holidays and unique fragrances such as sun-soaked pines, the salt tang of the sea, warm sand, ice cream and many others. These aromas are often a reminder of happy times that have made lasting impressions on us.

Summer is also a time for the scents of seasonal flowers:

Jasmine, one of the leading ladies in perfumery thanks to its heady, intoxicating scent

Rose is the quintessential flower in the Western world, a classic forever and always. Its unmistakable scent has a range of nuances that depend on the variety.

Lavender and its perfume so typical of Provence. One sniff and childhood memories come flooding back...

Philadelphus exudes an especially intense perfume that has earned it the nickname ‘the jasmine of poets’.

Through the year and through the seasons, Natarom, the scent marketing specialists, offers a range of original olfactory solutions for sales and reception areas.

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