Summer fragrances, the darlings of scent marketing

Scent marketing experts have a keen nose for the warm perfumes of summer, sources of fond memories and happy emotions…

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To scent marketing specialists, summer is a bouquet of myriad fragrances. It’s a season that conjures up images of long, leisurely walks in the great outdoors and precious moments instantly associated with a host of different smells. While fruity, floral and woody scents are likely to reconnect us with past holidays and childhood memories, they also evoke exotic destinations, sandy beaches warmed by the sun or afternoon naps lulled by the wafting perfume of lavender...

So which fragrance do you most associate with summer?

Sun cream is one of the most popular mentioned, not to mention doughnuts scoffed on the beach or the scent of melons and peaches that bring a sweet note to our kitchens. Other fragrances to discover or rediscover include...

Mint with its refreshing properties

Grapefruit for its intense tangy scent

Lemon grass for its sweet and acidic perfume

Ginger for its sensual fragrance

Green tea for its exotic aroma

Rose for its sweet scent of romance

Iris for its refined fragrance

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