The evolution of Scent Marketing

A never-ending source of ideas, Scent Marketing is extremely useful in attracting and retaining visitors. Digital tie-ins are here!

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing uses scents (fragrances) to communicate about a product or a point of sale. According to numerous experiments, it can increase impulse purchases by as much as 30%. An appealing and well thought out olfactory ambiance in a sales or reception area can generate an irresistible feeling of comfort and well-being in visitors.

A few concrete examples of Scent Marketing

> A chocolate shop which diffuses a chocolatey fragrance makes people's mouths water and creates a desire to taste the chocolate.

> Many hotels discreetly perfume their rooms according to the season or the region in the world in which they are located.

Major brands also use an olfactory signature, a mood fragrance created especially for them. This discreet and refined scent is usually diffused in all the brand's stores so customers become accustomed to it and it keeps them coming back.

What about digital? Since it is now commonplace to purchase goods via a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, solutions have already been designed and rolled out to bring the olfactory experience to the customer! This user experience is a fascinating success. One example is the invention of a diffuser connected to apps, to send or receive perfumed messages.

While waiting to find out more about the Digital/Scent Marketing pairing, the experts at Natarom are here for professionals to offer them original olfactory solutions for any type of space.

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