The scent marketing experience at an Optic 2000 optician

One of our clients, Jérôme BENAIM, describes their experience of scent marketing in their two optician shops. A positive experience!

scent marketing


For how long have you been using NATAROM diffusers?

I bought my first Natarom diffuser several years ago [2010] for one of my shops in Paris in the 9th district, 41 rue de la Chaussée d'Antin. As soon as I opened my second shop, also in the 9th, 34 rue des Martyrs, I purchased a second diffuser.

scent marketing

What gave you the idea of creating a perfumed ambiance in your shops?

It seemed obvious to me and I consider scent marketing vital in standing out from the competition.
Music and scent are two essential components in the welcome we offer our customers. It creates an ambiance and, depending on the fragrance, takes the customers out of themselves.

How do your customers react?

They really like it. They comment on it and we often chat with them about it and explain that the perfume generally makes them want to stay in the shop longer.

Are you satisfied with NATAROM's products and services?

Yes; the diffusers are reliable and our first diffuser works as well now as it did on day one! Staff are very reactive. The fragrances are very nice and when it comes to choosing them, Natarom always offers us samples that we can test among our staff.

Have you opted for a single fragrance or diversity?

For a long time we diffused fig tree. It's a fragrance our clients like a lot. They often mention it to us. Then we felt like changing things a little and we discovered other scents.

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