The scents of summer

The irresistible scents of summer bring to mind many a sweet memory. Our sensory memory certainly has some wonderful surprises in store for us…


The palette of summer fragrances is incredibly vast – a freshly mown lawn, a field of lavender, a forest of pine trees, the smell of seaweed at low tide, sun cream, warm sand or crisp, mountain air. As soon as we come into contact with these scents, childhood or adolescent memories come flooding back.

In drawing up an inventory of the perfumes that move us – as I have done for myself and as we can all do – we travel freely through a life. (Parfums - Philippe Claudel - 2014)

In summer, all smells are heightened by heat and the wind carries an array of scents that plunge us into a “holiday” atmosphere.

  • Summer cuisine: What a pleasure it is to smell and taste those tomatoes, garnished with a drizzle of olive oil. How delicious is that very particular barbecue smell. And what can we say about those melons and peaches whose fragrance fills our kitchens?
  • The beach: Its smell is like no other, especially when the sand is warmed by the sun. It gives off a mineral perfume, mixed with the salty tang of sea mist. To this is added the smell of sun cream and of the churros or doughnuts sold by beach sellers…
  • After-the-storm: An intoxicating smell that blends with that of rainwater and wet grass.
  • Summer flowers: Roses are everywhere and their scent fills our gardens. Of course lavender is an unforgettable fragrance that brings to mind Provence and the sun. In the freshness of the woodlands, how lovely it is to breathe in the scents of fern and moss...


Did you know? It is no coincidence that summer is also the season of flirting and passing romances. Pheromones, from the Greek phero (to bear) and hormone (to excite), are chemical substances emitted by most animals (including humans) and some plants. They send information to others of the same species and this information plays a role in sexual attraction in particular.

Lavender and other summer plants are perfume plants. Mood perfumes take inspiration from them and Natarom, specialists in scent marketing, has a catalogue of various fragrances for its refills

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