Virtual reality and scent marketing

New technology brings fresh opportunities to scent marketing!

scent marketing

On 16 September 2016, during its open days at its new premises in Bondoufle, Natarom inaugurated its ‘sensory theatre’. The event was a chance to take our visitors on a journey through the senses. For the occasion, they were kitted out with virtual reality headsets and headphones. They were shown into enclosed scented spaces and treated to a full sensory experience.

Our goal was to show our guests concrete examples of how scent marketing can be used to enhance their own marketing or to create feel-good environments.

Our visitors unanimously enjoyed the experience, which you can see from their comments:

Superb and so surprising. Well done!

Fabulous! You felt like you were somewhere else... An amazing experience!

Save money with Natarom and let your senses take you on a journey in the comfort of your own home!

Mind-blowing and impressive... absolutely sensational!

A unique and extraordinary sensory experience!

We were delighted to hear that a Japanese start-up, Vaqso, had recently come up with a system which combined visual, sound and scent marketing. The accessory developed by the innovative company fits under the virtual reality headset and is loaded with a selection of fragrance cartridges.

A line of computer code inserted into the software indicates when to release a specific scent. This invention further heightens the sensation of immersion in a virtual reality world.

Inhaling fragrances from virtual worlds is now a reality!

Specialized in scent marketing Natarom offers original and bespoke olfactory solutions for your reception and retail spaces.

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