What is sillage in perfumery and why does it matter?

Technology has been developed to measure the sillage—pronounced see-yazh, a French word that means the ‘trail’ of a perfume, in other words the degree to which a scent diffuses around the wearer.

sillage in perfumery

The sillage of a perfume in our everyday life is the olfactory impression that hangs in the air after a scent wearer has passed by. If the fragrance is immediately recognisable, it means the perfume has an effective sillage.

The measurement of a fragrance’s sillage has become an essential marker in a world teeming with all kinds of scent. It provides an indicator to better predict the reaction of individuals and helps perfumers and scent marketing professionals make the most appropriate choice when deciding between one fragrance or another.

There are two techniques currently available to measure the sillage of a perfume and the impact it has on a person’s emotional response:

  1. injecting a fragrance into a glass test tube and measuring the volume occupied by the scent (suspended molecules)
  2. using sensors to measure how the brain reacts or the pupils dilate in response to a fragrance

If you are curious to learn more about the subject, scent marketing specialists Natarom has selected this video report (in French) for further insight.

Did you know?  It’s not because a perfume attacks our nostrils that it can sometimes appear ‘strong’, it’s actually because it excites our neurons more than another.

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